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At Excellent Papers we are always looking for ways to help students save money. One of the key priorities of our service has always been to offer student friendly prices for everything from simple essays to dissertations. So, over the years we have introduced and at times revised our discounts to best suit our business's structure in addition to what students want. Our current study shows that most students will benefit from discounts based on the number of words mainly because most essays and dissertations are dense in the number of words required as opposed to the number of essays. So, our latest discounts are designed to help students even further.

5% off on 5000 words plus

Students will now be able to get a 5% discount on dissertations and essays of 5000 words and more. This is in addition to our already student friendly price structure. Our research shows this will help almost 60% of students in the UK save significantly.

10% from 10000 words plus

We have seen a growing trend of students ordering over 10,000 words worth of essays and dissertations. The 10% discount is designed to help students save on such large orders. This is regardless of if they are first timers to our service or have used us before. We feel that this is by far the largest discount and something that most students will agree saves them a great deal of money too.

The discounts will be deducted automatically as you choose the word count.

This offer does not apply to 2:2 papers.